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About the Game You are trapped inside a big and complex factory and your only goal is to achieve freedom by escaping your current situation. Escape itself is only possible by solving different kind of puzzles within the recycling facility. Which stand in your way and your path to freedom. Can you achieve freedom? Or do you get recycled? Download Gallery
Héctor Blanco
2D Concept, 3D Artist Textures and Generalist Willi Nasdal
3D and Tech Artist
 Generalist Nico Lemmer 
Game Design PR & Marketing
David Herrmann
Level Design Emilio Schmidt
Production PR & Marketing Coman Purcell
Sound Design


Programmer Jörg Müller 3D and Tech Artist Animation and Generalist
Contact If you wish to tell us something about our game feel free to do so.

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Escape from Recycling